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Keezer Build Checklist (Part 1)

Keezer Build Checklist (Part 1)

I’m considering building a keezer, this will be the first of many posts in a series.

When starting, clearly the first order is to put together a check list of what is needed.

Overall it is a lot of equipment, so I will definitely need to optimize when these items are on sale.

My requirements to begin with are:

  • Useful with or without a ‘collar’
  • Ability to eventually hold 4-5 kegs
  • Ability to serve at at least two pressures
  • Hold the co2 tank inside the keezer
  • Trying to mainly use new/like new parts
  • Fits in a small space in my garage

Basic Equipment I believe I will need:

  • Chest Freezer – Around 7 cubic feet, my budget choice: Home Depot Magic Chef 6.9
  • Kegs – Adventures in Homebrewing have new ball lock kegs for very reasonable prices for  5 gallon, if you want stackable 2.5 gallons I  recommend the Slimline Torpedo Keg
  • Co2 Tank – Not sure whether to go new or get one from a welding shop…
  • Co2 Regulator –  Taprite seems to be the brand to go with, a dual body regulator is great for serving at two pressures
  • Gas manifold and gas lines – to distribute one regulator’s gas to multiple kegs
  • Picnic taps – Cheap, easy way to serve out of a keg, this is to begin with before building a collar with real taps
  • A temperature controller – Inkbird makes prewired ones at an excellent price.
  • A mini dehumidifer – to soak up all the moisture within the keezer.
  • A usb computer fan – to keep the airflow going within the keezer.


Any other recommendations? Link to builds? Ideas? Lessons learned? Let me know in the comments!